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Counter \Coun"ter\, n.

{Over the counter} (Stock Exchanges), in an office; -- said
of business so done, as distinguished from that done at an
exchange. [Cant] Counterglow \Coun"ter*glow`\, n.
An exceedingly faint roundish or somewhat oblong nebulous
light near the ecliptic and opposite the sun, best seen
during September and October, when in the constellations
Sagittarius and Pisces. Its cause is not yet understood.
Called also {Gegenschein}.

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Alternative forms

* over-the-counter


Inter: en-adv » head=over the counter|-
  • Inter: financ » e Through direct trade; outside a standard stock exchange.
    1. Inter: pharmac » y (able to be obtained) without a doctor's prescription.
    2. Inter: figurativel » y Legitimately (as opposed to under the counter).

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      * under the counter

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