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Refers to the idea of a writer tossing a manuscript through the open window over the door of the publisher's office. Alternatively, a "transom" is the nautical term for the back of a small boat. Something which "came in over the transom" would have suddenly (and presumably, surprisingly) entered through the "back door" of the craft, metaphorically.

Prepositional phrase

Inter: head » en|prepositional phrase|head=over the transom
  • Inter: idiomatic » of a work submitted for publication Unsolicited.
    1. : All the over-the-transom articles are handled by our interns.
    2. : Only one piece that came in over the transom appears in this issue.
    3. Inter: idiomatic » legal|government Meeting a deadline by delivery after the day of the deadline but before opening of business the following business day.
    4. : The worked into the night and sent an associate to make an over-the-transom filing.

      Usage notes

      * This sees adjectival use ("a submission over the transom", "over-the-transom articles") and adverbial ("came in over the transom").

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