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Alternative forms

* Inter: qualifier » Sutsilvan Inter: l » rm|Pajis Bass
  • Inter: qualifier » Surmiran Inter: l » rm|Paeis bass

    Proper noun

    Inter: head » rm|proper noun|head={{l|rm|pajais|Pajais Inter: l » rm|bass|Bass|g=m|g2=p}}

  • Inter: context » Rumantsch Grischun|Puter|Vallader|lang=rm the Netherlands, Low Countries
    1. Il Pajais Bass è in Inter: l » rm|pajais da l'Inter: l » rm|Europa occidentala ed la lingua uffiziala è Ollandais.
    2. The Netherlands is a country in Western Europe and the official language is Dutch.


      * Inter: qualifier » Sursilvan Inter: l » rm|Tiaras Bassas

      Related terms

      * Inter: l » rm|Ollanda|L'Ollanda

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