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* Inter: IPA » ˈpatʃɪ|lang=fo


pakki {{m}}
  • parcel


    Inter: fo-decl-noun-m1 » pakk

  • Inter: fo-decl-noun-m3 » p|kk
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    * Inter: hyphenation » pak|ki
    • Inter: rhymes » ɑkːi|lang=fi
    • Inter: IPA » ˈpɑkːi|lang=fi


      Inter: fi-nou » n

  • A short form of työkalupakki, which is a box designed to serve as a portable tool storage, a tool box.
    1. Inter: colloquial » lang=fi Reverse, in the sense of reverse gear.
    2. : laittaa pakki päälle = to put the reverse on
    3. Inter: context » nautical|lang=fi If a sailing vessel or any of its sails is in such position relative to the wind that the wind blows from the wrong side of a sail, the sail is said to be pakilla (adessive case of the noun pakki).
    4. Inter: context » military|lang=fi A metal container belonging to a soldier's field equipment. The container serves as a cooking vessel and the top doubles as a cup.
    5. Inter: colloquial » lang=fi A defending player in various ballgames; a defenceman; a defender.
    6. Inter: context » colloquial|lang=fi The event of getting rejected, especially by the opposite sex when approaching her/him. Normally used in plural, pakit.
    7. : Hain kolmasti Liisaa tanssimaan, mutta sain / hän antoi pakit joka kerta.
    8. :: I asked Liisa three times to dance, but I was rejected / she rejected me every time.
    9. Inter: context » colloquial|rare|lang=fi The head of a person.


      Inter: fi-decl-tuoli » pa|kk|k

      Related terms

      * pakittaa



    * Inter: IPA » ˈpʰahcɪ|lang=is
    • : Inter: rhymes » ahcɪ|lang=is


      Inter: is-noun » m

  • parcel, pack, package, parcel, packet


    Inter: is-decl-noun-m-w1 » p|a|kk

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