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Inter: Finnish index » p|a


* Inter: IPA » ˈpɑkːo̞|lang=fi, Inter: X-SAMPA » ["pAk:o]
  • Inter: hyphenation » pak|ko
  • Inter: rhymes » ɑkːo|lang=fi


    Inter: fi-nou » n

  • Used alone, can be translated as obligation, force, necessity or compulsion.
    1. Used most often in the expression olla pakko ( + first infinitive of the verb), which can be translated into English as must, have to, be obliged to, be forced to, be compelled to. The one who is compelled is put in the genitive case (grammatically, pakko is the subject of the sentence) and the verb is always in the third-person singular (present on, past oli, present perfect on ollut, past perfect oli ollut).
    2. Minun on pakko ostaa auto. = I have to buy a car.
    3. Onko sinun pakko? = Do you have to?
    4. As a specifier in a compound term used to express compulsion or influence of an external force.
    5. pakkohuutokauppa = compulsory sale
    6. pakkokeino = coercion
    7. pakkolasku = forced landing
    8. pakkolunastus = expropriation
    9. pakkoluovutus = expropriation
    10. pakkomielle = obsession
    11. pakkopaita = straitjacket
    12. pakkotoimenpide = act of force
    13. pakkotyö = forced labour


      Inter: fi-decl-valo » pa|kk|k

      Derived terms

      * pakollinen

  • pakottaa


    * kravattipakko
  • kypäräpakko
  • turvavyöpakko


    * Inter: sense » olla pakko täytyä


    * pokka

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