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Alternative forms

* periurban


Inter: prefix » peri|urban


  • Inter: a » US Inter: IPA » /ˌpɛɹ.ə.ˈɝ.bən/|/ˌpɛɹ.i.ˈɝ.bən/


    Inter: en-adj » head=peri-urban

  • Immediately adjoining an urban area; between the suburbs and the countryside.
    1. 2010, Leslie A. Duram, Encyclopedia of Organic, Sustainable, and Local Food, ABC-CLIO, LLC (2010), ISBN 9780313359637, page 361:
    2. : Urban agriculture is the growing of plants and raising of animals in and around urban or peri-urban areas.
    3. 2010, United Nations Human Settlements Programme, Solid Waste Management in the Worlds Cities: Water and Sanitation in the World's Cities 2010'', Earthscan (2010), ISBN 9781849711692, page 66:
    4. : Although Lusaka is the smallest town in Lusaka Province and one of the smallest in the nation, it has the biggest population and largest growth rates, and there is pressure from in-migration and growth in peri-urban settlements.
    5. 2011, Sally Sargeson & Song Yu, "Gender, Citizenship, and Agency in Land Development", in Women, Gender and Development in Rural China (eds. Tamara Jacka & Sally Sargeson), Edward Elgar Publishing Limited (2011), ISBN 9781848446823, page 43:
    6. : In this respect, Yuxi represents an intermediate case, between the encompassing model of residence-based citizenship being created in peri-urban communities around Changsha and the gender exclusivity of Fuzhou villages.

      Usage notes

      * Used especially in English-speaking Africa, in India, in Australia, and increasingly in Europe.


      Inter: trans-top » immediately adjoining an urban area

  • Finnish: Inter: t- » fi|ympärys|alt=ympärys-, Inter: t+ » fi|reuna|alt=reuna-, Inter: t- » fi|reunus|alt=reunus-, Inter: t+ » fi|kehys|alt=kehys-

  • Inter: trans-mi » d
    • Greek: Inter: t- » el|περιαστικός|m|tr=periastikós|sc=Grek

    Inter: trans-botto » m


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