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pl. of {phalange}
pl. of {phalanx}

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Phalanges \Pha*lan"ges\, n.,
pl. of {Phalanx}.

Phalanx \Pha"lanx\, n.; pl. {Phalanxes}, L. {Phalanges}. [L.,
from Gr. ?.]
1. (Gr. Antiq.) A body of heavy-armed infantry formed in
ranks and files close and deep. There were several
different arrangements, the phalanx varying in depth from
four to twenty-five or more ranks of men. ``In cubic
phalanx firm advanced.'' --Milton.

The Grecian phalanx, moveless as a tower. --Pope.

2. Any body of troops or men formed in close array, or any
combination of people distinguished for firmness and
solidity of a union.

At present they formed a united phalanx. --Macaulay.

The sheep recumbent, and the sheep that grazed, All
huddling into phalanx, stood and gazed. --Cowper.

3. A Fourierite community; a phalanstery.

4. (Anat.) One of the digital bones of the hand or foot,
beyond the metacarpus or metatarsus; an internode.

5. [pl. {Phalanges}.] (Bot.) A group or bundle of stamens, as
in polyadelphous flowers.

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See {phalange}

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From Inter: term » φάλαγγες|tr=phalanges|lang=grc|sc=polytonic, plural of Inter: term » φάλαγξ|tr=phalanks|lang=grc|sc=polytonic.


  • Inter: plural of » phalange
    1. Inter: plural of » phalanx



    phalanges {{f}}
  • Inter: plural of » phalange|lang=fr

  • Latin


    Inter: la-noun-form » phalangēs
  • Inter: inflection of » phalanx|phalanx|nom|p|lang=la
    1. Inter: inflection of » phalanx|phalanx|acc|p|lang=la
    2. Inter: inflection of » phalanx|phalanx|voc|p|lang=la

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