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pl. of {phenomenon}

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Phenomenon \Phe*nom"e*non\, n.; pl. {Phenomena}. [L.
phaenomenon, Gr. faino`menon, fr. fai`nesqai to appear,
fai`nein to show. See {Phantom}.]
1. An appearance; anything visible; whatever, in matter or
spirit, is apparent to, or is apprehended by, observation;
as, the phenomena of heat, light, or electricity;
phenomena of imagination or memory.

In the phenomena of the material world, and in many
of the phenomena of mind. --Stewart.

2. That which strikes one as strange, unusual, or
unaccountable; an extraordinary or very remarkable person,
thing, or occurrence; as, a musical phenomenon.

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n 1: any state or process known through the senses rather than by
intuition or reasoning
2: a remarkable development
[also: {phenomena} (pl)]

See {phenomenon}

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Alternative forms

* phænomena Inter: qualifier » archaic
  • phœnomena Inter: qualifier » archaic|erroneous


    phenomena {{p}}

  • Inter: irregular plural of » phenomenon

    Usage notes

    * In correct English, the term Inter: term » phenomena is always plural, with no exceptions. It is widely used incorrectly as a singular noun.

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