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(pl) pithecanthropi

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1876, from Gk. pithekos "ape" + anthropos "man;" Haeckel's name for a hypothetical link between apes and men. ///

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Pithecanthropus \Pith`e*can*thro"pus\, n. [NL.; Gr. ? ape + ?
1. A hypothetical genus of primates intermediate between man
and the anthropoid apes.

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n : former genus of primitive apelike men now Homo erectus [syn:
{Pithecanthropus erectus}, {genus Pithecanthropus}]

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Proper noun

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  • Java Man.
    1. Former name of Homo erectus/

      Derived terms

      * Pithecanthropus erectus Inter: gloss » Java Man Inter: qualifier » Homo erectus erectus

    Translation: de » Pithecanthropus