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(pl) scarabaei

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n2Garden of Gethsemaneke4 guan1objectiveke4 che1coachke4 yun4passenger trafficke4 yun4 liang4amount of passenger trafficxuan1to declare (publicly)
to announcexuan1 chuan2publicizexuan1 pan4pronounce a (judicial) sentence (after a verdict in a court of law)Xuan1 hua4(N) Xuanhua (place in Hebei)xuan1 gao4declare
proclaimXuan1 wei1(N) Xuanwei (city in Yunnan)Xuan1 zhou1(N) Xuanzhou (city in Anhui)xuan1 bu4announce
proclaimXuan1 en1(N) Xuan'en (place in

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Scarabaeus \Scar`a*b[ae]"us\, n. [L.] (Zo["o]l.)
Same as {Scarab}.

Scarabaeus \Scar*a*b[ae]"us\, n. (Egypt. Arch[ae]ol.)
A conventionalized representation of a beetle, with its legs
held closely at its sides, carved in natural or made in baked
clay, and commonly having an inscription on the flat

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n : scarabaeid beetle considered divine by ancient Egyptians
[syn: {scarab}, {Scarabaeus sacer}]
[also: {scarabaei} (pl)]

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Alternative forms

* scarabēus


From Inter: etyl » grc|la Inter: term » κάραβος|tr=karabos|lang=grc||beetle, crayfish, a foreign word, probably Macedonian (the suffix -bos is not Greek).


Inter: la-noun » scarabaeus|scarabaei|scarabaeī|m|second
  • A scarab, black dung beetle, revered in Ancient Egypt.


    Inter: la-decl-2nd » scarabae


    * Aragonese: Inter: l » an|escarabaxo
    • English: Inter: l » en|scarab
    • Italian: Inter: l » it|scarabeo
    • Middle French: Inter: l » frm|scarabeé
    • Russian: Inter: l » ru|скарабей
    • Spanish: Inter: l » es|escarabajo
    • Zarphatic: Inter: l » zrp|escharbot
    • Old French: Inter: l » fro|escharbot
    • Middle French: Inter: l » frm|escarbot
    • French: Inter: l » fr|escarbot

    Translation: et » scarabaeus
    Translation: fr » scarabaeus
    Translation: la » scarabaeus