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(pl) scholia

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29 Moby Thesaurus words for "scholium":
adversaria, aide-memoire, annotation, apparatus criticus, comment,
commentary, commentation, docket, entry, exegesis, footnote, gloss,
item, jotting, marginal note, marginalia, memo, memoir, memorandum,
memorial, minutes, notation, note, note of explanation, register,
registry, reminder, scholia, word of explanation

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Scholium \Scho"li*um\, n.; pl. L. {Scholia}, E. {Scholiums}.
[NL., fr. Gr. ?, fr. ?. See {School}.]
1. A marginal annotation; an explanatory remark or comment;
specifically, an explanatory comment on the text of a
classic author by an early grammarian.

2. A remark or observation subjoined to a demonstration or a
train of reasoning.

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New Latin, from Greek σχόλιον (comment), from σχολή (discussion).


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  • a note added to a text as an explanation, criticism or commentary
    1. Inter: mathematic » s a note added to a proof as amplification

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