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pl. of {scudo}

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Scudo \Scu"do\, n.; pl. {Scudi}. [It., a crown, a dollar, a
shield, fr. L. scutum a shield. Cf. {Scute}.] (Com.)
(a) A silver coin, and money of account, used in Italy and
Sicily, varying in value, in different parts, but worth
about 4 shillings sterling, or about 96 cents; also, a
gold coin worth about the same.
(b) A gold coin of Rome, worth 64 shillings 11 pence
sterling, or about $ 15.70.

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See {scudo}

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  • Inter: plural of » scudo

  • Italian


    scudi {{m}}
  • Inter: plural of » scudo|lang=it

  • Translation: it » scudi