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pl. of {scutum}

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Scuta \Scu"ta\, n. pl.
See {Scutum}.

Scutum \Scu"tum\, n.; pl. {Scuta}. [L.]
1. (Rom. Antiq.) An oblong shield made of boards or
wickerwork covered with leather, with sometimes an iron
rim; -- carried chiefly by the heavy-armed infantry.

2. (O. Eng. Law) A penthouse or awning. [Obs.] --Burrill.

3. (Zo["o]l.)
(a) The second and largest of the four parts forming the
upper surface of a thoracic segment of an insect. It
is preceded by the prescutum and followed by the
scutellum. See the Illust. under {Thorax}.
(b) One of the two lower valves of the operculum of a

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See {scutum}

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Inter: la-noun-form » scūta
  • Inter: inflection of » scutum|scūtum|nom|p|lang=la
    1. Inter: inflection of » scutum|scūtum|acc|p|lang=la
    2. Inter: inflection of » scutum|scūtum|voc|p|lang=la

    Translation: fr » scuta
    Translation: vi » scuta