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pl. of {scutellum}

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Scutella \Scu*tel"la\, n. pl.
See {Scutellum}.

Scutella \Scu*tel"la\, n.; pl. {Scutelle}. [NL., fem. dim. of L.
scutum.] (Zo["o]l.)
See {Scutellum}, n., 2.

Scutellum \Scu*tel"lum\, n.; pl. {Scutella}. [NL., neut. dim. of
L. scutum a shield.]
1. (Bot.) A rounded apothecium having an elevated rim formed
of the proper thallus, the fructification of certain

2. (Zo["o]l.)
(a) The third of the four pieces forming the upper part of
a thoracic segment of an insect. It follows the
scutum, and is followed by the small postscutellum; a
scutella. See {Thorax}.
(b) One of the transverse scales on the tarsi and toes of
birds; a scutella.

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See {scutellum}

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  • Inter: plural of » scutellum


    Inter: en-noun » scutellae

  • A scutellum.

  • Inter: Webster 191 » 3
    Category: Category:English plurals -



    Diminutive of Inter: term » scutra||tray, dish, platter|lang=la.


    Inter: la-noun » scutella|scutellae|scutellae|f|first
  • a small or shallow bowl, basin or dish
    1. a small salver or tray


      Inter: la-decl-1st » scutell


      * Armenian:

  • Old Armenian: Inter: l » xcl|սկուտղ|sc=Armn (skutł) Inter: qualifier » borrowing
  • Armenian: Inter: l » hy|sc=Armn|սկուտեղ (skuteġ) Inter: qualifier » borrowing
  • Serbo-Croatian: Inter: l » sh|zdjela|zdjȅla Inter: qualifier » borrowing
  • French: Inter: l » fr|écuelle
  • Italian: Inter: l » it|scodella

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