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er Loop, Asynchronous D

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bark, husk, peel, shell

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Inter: en-nou » n
  • Inter: obsolete spelling of » skill


    * silk

  • Icelandic


    * Inter: IPA » /scɪːl/|lang=is
    • : Inter: rhymes » ɪːl|lang=is

      Etymology 1

      From Inter: etyl » non|is Inter: term » skil|lang=non, derived from the same root *skel- as Inter: term » skilja||to separate, to understand|lang=is, but without a -j- suffix.


      Inter: head » is|noun|g=n|g2=p

  • boundary, division
    1. understanding, knowledge
    2. due and proper treatment, that which duty requires
    3. delivery, handing in of something due, e.g. of an assignment, paper, etc., but also payment, e.g. of rent
    4. Inter: weaving » lang=is the space between threads through which one weaves
    5. Inter: meteorology » lang=is front Inter: gloss » transition zone between airmasses
    6. message


      Inter: is-decl-noun-n-s » sk|i|l|sg=-

      Derived terms

      * gera skil

  • segja skil á
  • standa í skilum
  • koma til skila
  • vita skil á, kunna skil á


    * Inter: sense » boundary Inter: l » is|mörk
  • Inter: sense » knowledge Inter: l » is|þekking



  • Inter: term » skil||I understand|lang=is, the present active indicative first person singular of Inter: term » skilja||to understand|lang=is
    1. : Ég skil ekki.
    2. :: I don't understand.
    3. Inter: term » skil||understand!|lang=is, the shortened active imperative of Inter: term » skilja||to understand|lang=is

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