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constant, continual, immanent, incessant, permanent, perpetual, persistent, resident, set, standing, stationary, steady, unending, uniform, unremitting

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* Inter: IPA » /stǎːlan/|lang=sh
  • Inter: hyphenation » sta|lan


    Inter: sh-adj » head=stálan|def=stalni|def_a=stȃlnī|comp=stalniji|r|сталан|ста́лан

  • permanent
    1. continuous
    2. constant, stable, invariable


      Inter: sh-adj-full » staln|o|stalnij|e

      Related terms

      * Inter: l » sh|stati|stȁti

    Translation: hr » stalan
    Translation: mg » stalan
    Translation: fi » stalan

  • ŝtalan at English (WD) Of Explained:



    Inter: head » eo|adjective form|g=s
  • Inter: eo-form of » ŝtal|an

  • Translation: el » ŝtalan
    Translation: fr » ŝtalan