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1138, from O.Fr. estandart, probably from Frank. *standhard, lit. "stand fast or firm," a compound of words similar to Gothic standan "to stand" and hardus "hard." So called because the flag was fixed to a pole or spear and stuck in the ground to stand upright. The other theory connects the O.Fr. word to estendre "to stretch out," from L. extendere (see extend). Meaning "unit of measure" is 1327, from Anglo-Fr., where it was used 13c., and is perhaps metaphoric, the royal standard coming to stand for royal authority in matters like setting weights and measures. Standard-bearer in the figurative sense is from 1561. ///

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The Evening Standard, The//

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W2S3 n ----------//
1 level of quality/achievement:
2 moral principles:
3 measurement:
4 song:
5 flag: ----------// [Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: estandard 'battle-flag']//
1 LEVEL OF QUALITY/ACHIEVEMENT: [U and C] the level that is considered to be acceptable, or the level that someone or something has achieved// standard of// --The committee is assessing the standard of care in local hospitals.// --parents who have very high standards // --The rooms are of a good standard .// --the low standard of housing// --Students have to reach a certain standard or they won't pass.// --The EU should set minimum standards of employee rights.// --imaginative ideas for raising standards in schools// -- Standards are falling as the quality of applicants declines.// --Safety measures failed to come up to standard .// --The airline has rigorous safety standards .// --These figures clearly show the difference in world living standards .// --Many early child-rearing practices were cruel by modern standards .//
2 MORAL PRINCIPLES: standards [plural] moral principles about what kind of behaviour or attitudes are acceptable// --the recent decline in moral standards // standards fall/slip/go down // --Standards have slipped since I was a boy.//
3 MEASUREMENT: [C] a fixed official rule for measuring weight, purity, value etc// --an official government standard for the purity of silver//
4 SONG: [C] a popular song that has been sung by many different singers// --popular jazz standards//
5 FLAG: [C] old-fashioned a flag used in ceremonies// --the royal standard// double standard, living standard// ----------// COLLOCATES for sense 1 // high/good standard // low/poor standard // meet/reach/attain a standard // set a standard // raise/improve standards // lower standards // maintain standards (=keep them at a good level) // standards fall/slip/go down/decline // up to standard (=good enough) // below standard (=not good enough) // stringent/rigorous/tough standards (=strict standards) // safety/environmental standards // academic/educational standards // living standards // by modern/today's/our etc standards // ----------//
standard 2 W2S3 adj
1 accepted as normal or usual: --We paid them the standard rate.// standard practice/procedure (=the usual way of doing things) // --Searching luggage at airports is now standard practice.// --The format is fairly standard.//
2 regular and usual in shape, size, quality etc: → non-standard// --We make shoes in standard and wide sizes.// --All these vans are made to a standard design.//
3 a standard book, work etc is read by everyone studying a particular subject:
4 the standard form of a language is the one considered to be correct and is used by most people: → non-standard// --the standard spelling// --standard English pronunciation//

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normalized, standard

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413 Moby Thesaurus words for "standard":
Christian, Dannebrog, Jolly Roger, Old Glory, Procrustean law,
Samson post, Star-Spangled Banner, Stars and Stripes,
Ten Commandments, Union Flag, Union Jack, Zeitgeist, accepted,
accustomed, acid test, alike, amount, and blue, antetype, antitype,
approved, archetype, assay, assize, authentic, authoritative,
average, axiology, axiom, baluster, balustrade, banal, banderole,
banister, banner, banneret, barometer, base, beau ideal,
behavioral norm, belief, benchmark, besetting, binding, biotype,
black flag, blank determination, blue ensign, brouillon, bunting,
burgee, business ethics, caliber, canon, canonical, caryatid,
cathedral, central, changeable, check, classic, classic example,
coachwhip, code, code of ethics, code of morals, colonnade, color,
colors, column, commandment, common, commonplace, commutable,
commutative, compass, conformable, consuetudinary, convention,
conventional, convertible, correct, criterion, crucial test,
crucible, current, customary, cut, dado, decalogue, defined,
definitive, degree, determination, dick, dictated, dictum,
didactic, die, docimasy, dominant, doorjamb, doorpost, emblem,
ensign, epidemic, epitome, equal, equalizing, equivalent, essay,
established, ethic, ethical system, ethics, ethos, evangelical,
even, everyday, ex cathedra, example, exchanged, exemplar,
exemplary, extent, faithful, familiar, feeling out, firm,
first draft, flag, footing, footstalk, form, formality, formula,
formulary, fugleman, fugler, fundamental, gatepost, gauge,
general principle, generally accepted, genotype, give-and-take,
golden rule, gonfalon, gonfanon, good example, grade,
graduated scale, guide, guideline, guiding principle, guidon,
habitual, hard and fast, height, hitching post, house flag,
household, ideal, imitatee, imperative, indiscernible, indistinct,
indistinctive, indistinguishable, instructive, interchangeable,
interchanged, intermediary, intermediate, interval, jack, jamb,
king post, kiteflying, law, law of nature, lead, leap,
legal ethics, level, literal, long pennant, magisterial,
man of men, mandatory, mark, maxim, mean, measure, medial, median,
medical ethics, mediocre, medium, merchant flag,
middle-of-the-road, milepost, mirror, mitzvah, model, moderate,
moral, moral climate, moral code, moral principles, morals,
mullion, mutual, national flag, new morality, newel-post,
nonpareil, norm, norma, normal, normative, normative system, notch,
nuance, obtaining, of the faith, official, ordeal, order of nature,
ordinance, ordinary, oriflamme, original, orthodox, orthodoxical,
pandemic, par, paradigm, paradigmatic, paragon, parameter, pas,
pattern, pedestal, pedicel, peduncle, peg, pennant, pennon,
pennoncel, period, permutable, pier, pilaster, pile, piling,
pillar, pitch, plane, plateau, plinth, point, pole, popular, post,
precedent, precedential, precept, preceptive, predominant,
predominating, prescribed, prescribed form, prescript,
prescription, prescriptive, prevailing, prevalent, principium,
principle, principles, probation, professional ethics, proof,
proper, proportion, prototype, quantity, queen-post, rampant,
range, rating, ratio, reach, reading, readout, received,
reciprocal, reciprocating, reciprocative, recognized, red,
red ensign, regnant, regular, regulation, regulative, regulatory,
reigning, remove, representative, required, requirement,
retaliatory, returnable, rife, right, rough draft, rough sketch,
round, routine, royal standard, rubric, rule, rule of thumb,
ruling, rung, running, sample, scale, scope, scriptural, set,
set form, settled principle, shade, shadow, shaft, shining example,
signal flag, signpost, snubbing post, social ethics, socle, sound,
sounding out, space, staff, stair, stalk, stanchion, stand,
standards, standing order, staple, statutory, stem, step,
stereotyped, stile, stint, stock, streamer, subbase, support,
surbase, swallowtail, swapped, switched, tenet, test, test case,
textbook, textual, time-honored, touchstone, traded, traditional,
traditionalistic, transposed, tread, trial, tricolor, true,
true-blue, trunk, try, type, type species, type specimen, typical,
undifferentiated, undiscriminated, undistinguishable,
undistinguished, uniform, universal, universal law, upright,
urtext, usual, value, value system, verification, vernacular,
vexillum, white, widespread, without distinction, wonted,
working principle, working rule, yardstick

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norm, rank flag, rank pennant, standard

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Standard [ʃtandart]nsm

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standard [stãdar]

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[N] (Original object): prototype, original, model, pattern, precedent, standard, ideal, reference, type, archetype, module, exemplar, example, paradigm, text, copy, design, keynote, die, mold , mould , matrix, last, seal, punch, intaglio, negative, stamp.

[N] (Degree [Relative quantity]): degree, grade, extent, measure, amount, ratio, standard, height, pitch, reach, amplitude, range, scope, caliber, gradation, shade, tenor, sphere, station, rank, standing, rate, sort, point, mark, stage, term, intensity, strength, greatness.

[N] (Normalcy): normality, normalcy, familiarity, naturalness, commonness, frequency, rule, standard, conformity, habit, standard, pattern, prototype.

[V] (Normalcy): normalize, standardize, make standard, regularize, make conform.

[N] (Normalcy): normality, normalcy, familiarity, naturalness, commonness, frequency, rule, standard, conformity, habit, standard, pattern, prototype.

[V] (Normalcy): normalize, standardize, make standard, regularize, make conform.

[N] (Conformity): conformity, conformance, observance, habituation, naturalization, conventionality, custom, agreement, example, instance, specimen, sample, exemplification, illustration, case in point, object lesson, elucidation, standard, model, pattern, prototype, rule, nature, principle, law, order of things, normal state, natural state, ordinary state, normal condition, natural condition, ordinary condition, Procrustean law.

[N] (Frequent recurrence): frequency, commonness, repetition, routine, custom, habit, regularity, uniformity, constancy, system, formula, standard, model, conformity.

[N] (Measurement): measurement, survey, valuation, appraisement, assessment, estimate, estimation, reckoning, numeration, gauging, weights and measures, measure, yard measure, standard.

[N] (Perfection): perfection, impeccability, paragon, ideal, ne plus ultra , summit, model, standard, pinnacle, epitome, pattern, masterpiece, transcendence, superiority.

[ADJ] (Perfection): perfect, faultless, immaculate, spotless, impeccable, inimitable, unparalleled, supreme.

[N] (Perfection): perfection, impeccability, paragon, ideal, ne plus ultra , summit, model, standard, pinnacle, epitome, pattern, masterpiece, transcendence, superiority.

[ADJ] (Perfection): perfect, faultless, immaculate, spotless, impeccable, unblemished, intact, consummate, complete, finished, best, model, standard, inimitable, unparalleled, supreme.

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noun, adjective
level of quality
1 [C, U] ~ (of sth) a level of quality, especially one that people think is acceptable:
a fall in academic standards * We aim to maintain high standards of customer care. * The standard of this year's applications is very low. * He failed to reach the required standard, and did not qualify for the race. * Her work is not up to standard (= of a good enough standard). * Who sets the standard for water quality? * A number of Britain's beaches fail to meet European standards on cleanliness. * In the shanty towns there are very poor living standards.
2 [C, usually pl.] a level of quality that is normal or acceptable for a particular person or in a particular situation:
You'd better lower your standards if you want to find somewhere cheap to live. * It was a simple meal by Eddie's standards. * The equipment is slow and heavy by modern standards.
level of behaviour
3 (standards) [pl.] a level of behaviour that sb considers to be morally acceptable:
a man of high moral standards * Standards aren't what they used to be.
unit of measurement
4 [C] a unit of measurement that is officially used; an official rule used when producing sth:
a reduction in the weight standard of silver coins * industry standards
5 [C] a flag that is used during official ceremonies, especially one connected with a particular military group:
the royal standard
6 [C] a song that has been recorded by many different singers
average / normal
1 average or normal rather than having special or unusual features:
A standard letter was sent to all candidates. * Televisions are a standard feature in most hotel rooms. * the standard rate of tax (= paid by everyone) * It is standard practice to search visitors as they enter the building. * All vehicles come with a catalytic converter as standard. * standard issue uniforms (= given to everyone)
size / measurement
2 [usually before noun] following a particular standard set, for example, by an industry:
standard sizes of clothes * Washing machines have standard measurements to fit under kitchen units.
book / writer
3 [only before noun] read by most people who are studying a particular subject
4 [usually before noun] (of spelling, pronunciation, grammar. etc.) believed to be correct and used by most people:
Standard English

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STANDARD, measure. A weight or measure of certain dimensions, to which all
other weights and measures must correspond; as, a standard bushel. Also the
quality of certain metals, to which all others of the same kind ought to be
made to conform; as, standard gold, standard silver. Vide Dollar; Eagle;

STANDARD, in war. An ensign or flag used in war.

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Standard \Stand"ard\, n. [OF. estendart, F. ['e]tendard,
probably fr. L. extendere to spread out, extend, but
influenced by E. stand. See {Extend}.]
1. A flag; colors; a banner; especially, a national or other

His armies, in the following day, On those fair
plains their standards proud display. --Fairfax.

2. That which is established by authority as a rule for the
measure of quantity, extent, value, or quality; esp., the
original specimen weight or measure sanctioned by
government, as the standard pound, gallon, or yard.

3. That which is established as a rule or model by authority,
custom, or general consent; criterion; test.

The court, which used to be the standard of property
and correctness of speech. --Swift.

A disposition to preserve, and an ability to
improve, taken together, would be my standard of a
statesman. --Burke.

4. (Coinage) The proportion of weights of fine metal and
alloy established by authority.

By the present standard of the coinage, sixty-two
shillings is coined out of one pound weight of
silver. --Arbuthnot.

5. (Hort.) A tree of natural size supported by its own stem,
and not dwarfed by grafting on the stock of a smaller
species nor trained upon a wall or trellis.

In France part of their gardens is laid out for
flowers, others for fruits; some standards, some
against walls. --Sir W.

6. (Bot.) The upper petal or banner of a papilionaceous

7. (Mech. & Carp.) An upright support, as one of the poles of
a scaffold; any upright in framing.

8. (Shipbuilding) An inverted knee timber placed upon the
deck instead of beneath it, with its vertical branch
turned upward from that which lies horizontally.

9. The sheth of a plow.

10. A large drinking cup. --Greene.

{Standard bearer}, an officer of an army, company, or troop,
who bears a standard; -- commonly called color sergeantor
color bearer; hence, the leader of any organization; as,
the standard bearer of a political party.

Standard \Stand"ard\, a.
1. Being, affording, or according with, a standard for
comparison and judgment; as, standard time; standard
weights and measures; a standard authority as to nautical
terms; standard gold or silver.

2. Hence: Having a recognized and permanent value; as,
standard works in history; standard authors.

3. (Hort.)
(a) Not supported by, or fastened to, a wall; as, standard
fruit trees.
(b) Not of the dwarf kind; as, a standard pear tree.

{Standard candle}, {Standard gauge}. See under {Candle}, and

{Standard solution}. (Chem.) See {Standardized solution},
under {Solution}.

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Sheth \Sheth\, n.
The part of a plow which projects downward beneath the beam,
for holding the share and other working parts; -- also called
{standard}, or {post}.

standard at English => English (Computer) Of Explained:


<standard> Standards are necessary for {interworking},
{portability}, and {reusability}. They may be {de facto
standards} for various communities, or officially recognised
national or international standards.

{Andrew Tanenbaum}, in his Computer Networks book, once said,
"The nice thing about standards is that there are so many of
them to choose from", a reference to the fact that competing
standards become a source of confusion, division,
obsolescence, and duplication of effort instead of an
enhancement to the usefulness of products.

Some bodies concerned in one way or another with computing
standards are {IAB} ({RFC} and {STD}), {ISO}, {ANSI}, {DoD},
{ECMA}, {IEEE}, {IETF}, {OSF}, {W3C}.


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adj 1: conforming to or constituting a standard of measurement or
value; or of the usual or regularized or accepted
kind; "windows of standard width"; "standard sizes";
"the standard fixtures"; "standard brands"; "standard
operating procedure" [ant: {nonstandard}]
2: commonly used or supplied; "standard procedure"; "standard
car equipment"
3: established or widely recognized as a model of authority or
excellence; "a standard reference work" [ant: {nonstandard}]
4: conforming to the established language usage of educated
native speakers; "standard English" (American); "received
standard English is sometimes called the King's English"
(British) [syn: {received}] [ant: {nonstandard}]
5: regularly and widely used or sold; "a standard size"; "a
stock item" [syn: {stock}]

n 1: a basis for comparison; a reference point against which
other things can be evaluated; "they set the measure for
all subsequent work" [syn: {criterion}, {measure}, {touchstone}]
2: the ideal in terms of which something can be judged; "they
live by the standards of their community" [syn: {criterion}]
3: a board measure = 1980 board feet
4: the value behind the money in a monetary system [syn: {monetary
5: an upright pole or beam (especially one used as a support);
"distance was marked by standards every mile"; "lamps
supported on standards provided illumination"
6: any distinctive flag

standard at English (WD) Of Explained:

Inter: also » Standard


Inter: wikipedia » dab=Standard (disambiguation)|Standard


From Inter: etyl » enm, from the Inter: etyl » fro Inter: term » estandart||gathering place, battle flag|lang=fro, from Old Inter: etyl » frk *Inter: term » |standhard|lit=stand firm, stand hard|lang=frk, equivalent to Inter: suffix » stand|ard|lang=-. Alternate etymology derives the second element from Old Inter: etyl » frk *Inter: term » |ord|point, spot, place|lang=frk (compare Inter: etyl » ang|- Inter: term » ord||point, source, vanguard|lang=ang, Inter: etyl » de|- Inter: term » Standort||location, place, site, position, base|lit=standing-point|lang=de). More at Inter: l » en|stand, Inter: l » en|hard, Inter: l » en|ord.From Old French Inter: term » estendre ||to stretch out|lang=fro, from Inter: etyl » la Inter: term » extendere|lang=la, More at Inter: l » en|extend.


* Inter: a » UK Inter: IPA » /ˈstændəd/
  • Inter: a » US Inter: IPA » /ˈstændɚd/

  • :: Inter: audio » En-us-standard.ogg|Audio (US)


    Inter: en-nou » n
  • A level of quality or attainment.
    1. Something used as a measure for comparative evaluations.
    2. An object supported in an upright position.
    3. A musical work of established popularity.
    4. The flag or ensign carried by a military unit.
    5. A rule or set of rules or requirements which are widely agreed upon or imposed by government.
    6. A bottle of wine containing 0.750 liters of fluid.
    7. One of the upright members that supports the horizontal axis of a transit or theodolite.
    8. A manual transmission vehicle.


      Inter: trans-top » level of quality

  • Arabic: Inter: t- » ar|مستوى|f|tr=mustawaa, Inter: t+ » ar|معيار|m|tr=mi3yaad
  • Chinese:
  • : Mandarin: Inter: t- » cmn|標準|sc=Hani,Inter: t- » cmn|标准|tr=biāozhǔn|sc=Hani
  • Czech: Inter: t+ » cs|standard
  • Dutch: Inter: t+ » nl|standaard
  • French: Inter: t+ » fr|standard|m
  • Georgian: Inter: t- » ka|ნორმა|tr=norma|sc=Geor
  • German: Inter: t+ » de|Standard|m
  • Greek: Inter: t+ » el|πρότυπο|n|tr=prótypo
  • Italian: Inter: t+ » it|standard|m, Inter: t+ » it|livello|m, Inter: t+ » it|tenore|m

  • Inter: trans-mi » d
    • Japanese: Inter: t+ » ja|標準|tr=ひょうじゅん, hyōjun
    • Korean: Inter: t+ » ko|표준|tr=pyojun|sc=Hang (Inter: t+ » ko|標準|sc=Hani)
    • Persian: Inter: t+ » fa|استاندارد|tr=estândârd|sc=fa-Arab
    • Polish: Inter: l » pl|standard {{m}}
    • Portuguese: Inter: t+ » pt|padrão
    • Romanian: Inter: t- » ro|standard|n, Inter: t- » ro|standarde|n|p
    • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|стандарт|m|tr=standárt
    • Spanish: Inter: t+ » es|estándar|m
    • Telugu: ప్రమాణం (pramaanaM)
    • Vietnamese: Inter: t+ » vi|trình độ

    Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » something used as a measure
    • Dutch: Inter: t+ » nl|maatstaf|m, Inter: t+ » nl|standaard
    • Estonian: Inter: t+ » et|norm
    • French: Inter: t+ » fr|standard|m
    • Georgian: Inter: t- » ka|ნორმა|tr=norma|sc=Geor
    • German: Inter: t+ » de|Standard|m
    • Greek: Inter: t+ » el|πρότυπο|n|tr=prótypo
    • Italian: Inter: t+ » it|standard|m, Inter: t+ » it|tipo|m, Inter: t+ » it|norma|f
    • Persian: Inter: t+ » fa|شاخص|tr=šâxes|sc=fa-Arab, Inter: t+ » fa|معیار|tr=me'yâr|sc=fa-Arab

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Polish: Inter: l » pl|standard {{m}}
  • Portuguese: Inter: t+ » pt|padrão
  • Romanian: Inter: t- » ro|standard|n
  • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|стандарт|m|tr=standárt, Inter: t+ » ru|образец|m|tr=obrazéc
  • Scottish Gaelic: Inter: t- » gd|slat-tomhais|f
  • Spanish: Inter: t+ » es|modelo|m, Inter: t+ » es|patrón|m
  • Telugu: ప్రమాణం (pramaanaM)

  • Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » a flag or ensign
    • French: Inter: t+ » fr|étendard|m
    • German: Inter: t+ » de|Banner|n, Inter: t+ » de|Standarte|m
    • Greek: Inter: t+ » el|σημαία|f|tr=simaía
    • Italian: Inter: t+ » it|stendardo|m, Inter: t+ » it|bandiera|f, Inter: t+ » it|insegna|f

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Romanian: Inter: t+ » ro|stindard|n
  • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|знамя|n|tr=známja, Inter: t+ » ru|штандарт|m|tr=štandárt
  • Spanish: Inter: t+ » es|estandarte|m

  • Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: checktrans-to » p
    • Inter: ttbc » nl: standaard {{m}}

    Inter: trans-mi » d
    Inter: trans-botto » m


    Inter: en-ad » j
  • Falling within an accepted range of size, amount, power, quality, etc.
    1. Inter: context » of a tree or shrub Growing on an erect stem of full height.
    2. Having recognized excellence or authority.
    3. Of a usable or serviceable grade or quality.
    4. Inter: not comparable » of a motor vehicle Having a manual transmission.
    5. As normally supplied (not optional).

      Related terms

      * nonstandard

  • standard fare


    Inter: trans-top » falling within an accepted range
  • Irish: Inter: t- » ga|caighdeánach
  • Italian: Inter: t+ » it|standard, Inter: t+ » it|regolare
  • Polish: Inter: t+ » pl|standardowy|m

  • Inter: trans-mi » d
    • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|стандартный|m|tr=standártnyj
    • Spanish: Inter: t+ » es|estándar
    • Telugu: ప్రమాణిక (pramaanika)

    Inter: trans-botto » m
    Category: Category:English retronyms -



    * Inter: audio » Cs-standard.ogg|Audio


    Inter: cs-noun » g=m
  • standard

    Related terms

    * standardizace
    • standardizovaný
    • standardizovat
    • standard
    • nadstandard
    • nadstandard

      See also

      * norma
    • měřítko



    From Inter: etyl » en|da Inter: term » standard|lang=en.


    * Inter: IPA » /standart/|ˈsd̥anˌd̥ɑːˀd̥|lang=da
    • Inter: homophones » standart|lang=da


      Inter: da-noun » en|er

  • standard


    Inter: da-noun-infl » en|er

  • French


    From Inter: etyl » en|fr Inter: term » standard|lang=en.


    * Inter: audio » Fr-standard.ogg|audio


    Inter: fr-ad » j
  • standard

    Usage notes

    * Often treated as invariable (with the single form Inter: term » |standard|lang=fr used for masculine and feminine, singular and plural), but dictionary accounts vary.Inter: R:TLF » i


    * normal


  • Italian


    Inter: etyl » en|it


    Inter: head » it|adjective Inter: in » v
  • standard


    Inter: head » it|noun|g=m Inter: in » v

  • standard

    Related terms

    * standardizzare
    • standardizzazione



    From Inter: etyl » en|pl Inter: term » standard|lang=en.


    * Inter: IPA » /ˈs̪t̪an̪d̪art̪/|lang=pl


    Inter: head » pl|noun|g=m
  • standard


    Inter: pl-decl-noun »

  • |standard|standardy

    Derived terms

    * standardowy
    • standaryzacja



    * Inter: IPA » /stǎndard/|lang=sh
    • Inter: hyphenation » stan|dard


      Inter: sh-noun » g=m|head=stàndard|r|стандард|ста̀ндард

  • standard


    Inter: sh-decl-noun »

  • |standard|standardi



    Inter: es-adj » feminine=standard|masculine plural=standardes|feminine plural=standardes
  • standard

    See also

    * estándar
    • estandard



    Inter: sv-noun » g=c
  • a standard, a norm


    Inter: sv-noun-reg-e » r

    Related terms

    * standardisera

    See also

    * standar

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  • standard


    * Norm, Vereinheitlichung

    Derived terms

    * Industriestandard, Lebensstandard, offene Standard, standardisieren, Standardisierung

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