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also standardise BrE v [T] to make all the things of one particular type the same as each other// --Attempts to standardize English spelling have never been successful.// --standardized tests// -- standardization/st[zB024]nd[hA353]da[hA366]ze[hA366][hA35D][hA368]n $ -d[hA353]rd[hA353]-/ n [U] //
standby 1 stand-by/st[zB024]ndba[hA366]/ n plural standbys //
1 on standby: a) ready to help immediately if you are needed// --A special team of police were kept on standby .// b) if you are on standby to do something, for example to travel by plane, you are on a list of people who may be allowed to do it if places become available, for example if other people cannot use their tickets// --We can put you on standby .// stand by(4)//
2 [C] something that is kept ready so that it can be used when needed: --Powdered milk is a good standby in an emergency.//
standby 2 adj [only before noun] a standby ticket is one that you can get only if places become available, for example if other people cannot use their tickets//

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54 Moby Thesaurus words for "standardize":
adjust, arrange, array, assimilate to, balance, chart, codify,
cool off, coordinate, damp, deploy, dispose, equalize, equilibrize,
even, fix, flatten, form, formalize, grade, harmonize, hierarchize,
homogenize, lay out, level, line up, make uniform, marshal,
methodize, normalize, order, organize, pacify, plan, quiet, rank,
rationalize, regiment, regularize, regulate, routinize, set up,
settle, smooth, stabilize, stereotype, structure, symmetrize,
synchronize, systematize, tranquilize, tune, tune up, uniformize

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[V] (Normalcy): normalize, standardize, make standard, regularize, make conform.

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(BrE also standardise) verb
[VN] to make objects or activities of the same type have the same features or qualities; to make sth standard:
attempts to standardize legislation on the matter * a standardized contract / design / test
standardization, standardisation noun [U]:
the standardization of components

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Standardize \Stand"ard*ize\, v. t. (Chem.)
To reduce to a normal standard; to calculate or adjust the
strength of, by means of, and for uses in, analysis.

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v 1: cause to conform to standard or norm; "The weights and
measures were standardized" [syn: {standardise}]
2: evaluate by comparing with a standard [syn: {standardise}]

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Inter: suffix » standard|ize


Inter: en-verb » standardizes|standardizing|standardized|standardized
  • Inter: American spellin » g Inter: alternative spelling of » standardise

    Derived terms

    * destandardize
    • standardization


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