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apartment in the royal palace at Westminster in which members of the king's council sat to exercise jurisdiction 14-15c., it evolved 15c. into a court of criminal jurisdiction, proverbial under James I and Charles I for arbitrary and oppressive proceedings. Abolished 1641. Supposedly so called because gilt stars were painted on the ceiling. ///

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n [C] BrE a group of people that meets secretly and makes important decisions//

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British prerogative court that exercised wide civil and criminal jurisdiction and was marked by secrecy, the absence of juries, and an inquisitorial rather than accusatorial system of justice. It met in a room in the palace of Westminster whose ceiling was decorated with stars. It was employed extensively under Henry VIII because of its ability to enforce the law when other courts were unable to do so because of corruption and influence. When Charles I used it to enforce unpopular political and ecclesiastical policies, it became a symbol of oppression to his and Archbishop W. Laud's parliamentary and Puritan opponents (though it never imposed the death penalty), and it was abolished by the Long Parliament in 1641.

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STAR CHAMBER, Eng. law. A court which formerly had great jurisdiction and
power, but which was abolished by stat. 16, C. I., c. 10, on account of its
usurpations and great unpopularity. It consisted of several of the lords
spiritual and temporal, being privy counsellors, together with two judges of
the courts of common law, without the intervention of a jury. Their legal
jurisdiction extended over riots, perjuries, misbehaviour of public
officers, and other great misdemeanors. The judges afterwards assumed
powers, and stretched those they possessed to the utmost bounds of legality.
4 Bl. Com. 264.

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Star Chamber
n : a former English court that became notorious for its
arbitrary methods and severe punishments

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  • a legal or administrative body with strict, arbitrary rulings and secretive proceedings
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