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Inter: en-noun » head=star picket
  • Inter: Australi » a A type of pointed metal fence post, consisting of three stips of metal at equal angles to each other.
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    2. : The significance of Y-bar steel is that it is used to produce star picket posts by cutting the steel into fence post lengths and drilling holes through which wire will pass. Star picket fencing is the most popular form of rural fencing used in Australia.
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    4. : In this case, BHP was the sole domestic manufacturer of a steel fence post known as a star picket, which it produced from an intermediate steel product called a Y bar.Inter: .. » .QWI sought supplies of Y bar from BHP in order to manufacture its own star picket fence posts and thereby be in a position to deliver a full range of products to large consumers at competitive prices.
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    6. : In a competitive market, a refusal to supply QWI with Y-bar would not have prevented QWI from becoming a manufacturer or wholesaler of star pickets.Inter: .. » .Refusing supply, unconstrained by the possibility that supply could be obtained from a competitor, for the purpose of preventing QWI from becoming a manufacturer or wholesaler of star pickets was an exercise of market power.
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  • : Then I levelled the sand and lightly packed soil with the rake and shovel and put in a star picket to indicate where it was.


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