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Physical condition of soil, especially in relation to its suitability for planting or growing a crop. Factors that determine tilth include the formation and stability of aggregated soil particles, moisture content, degree of aeration, rate of water infiltration, and drainage. The tilth of a soil can change rapidly, depending on environmental factors such as changes in moisture. The objective of tillage (mechanical manipulation of the soil) is to improve tilth, thereby increasing crop production; in the long term, however, conventional tillage, especially plowing, often has the opposite effect, causing the soil to break down and become compacted.

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Tilth \Tilth\, n. [AS. til?, fr. tilian to till. See {Till} to
1. The state of being tilled, or prepared for a crop;
culture; as, land is good tilth.

The tilth and rank fertility of its golden youth.
--De Quincey.

2. That which is tilled; tillage ground. [R.]

And so by tilth and grange . . . We gained the
mother city. --Tennyson.

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n 1: the state of aggregation of soil and its condition for
supporting plant growth
2: arable land that is worked by plowing and sowing and raising
crops [syn: {cultivated land}, {farmland}, {plowland}, {ploughland},
{tilled land}, {tillage}]

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Inter: etyl » ang Inter: term » tilian|lang=ang


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  • The state of being tilled, or prepared for a crop; culture.
    1. : The land is in good tilth and ready to plant.
    2. Rich cultivated soil.
    3. : "What good tilth," he said, grabbing a handful of soil.


      Inter: trans-top » the state of being tilled

  • Russian: Inter: l » ru|обработка Inter: l » ru|почва|почвы (obrabótka póčvy)

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