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102 Moby Thesaurus words for "tone down":
abate, achromatize, allay, alleviate, assuage, atone, attemper,
attune, baffle, bank the fire, blanch, bleach, blunt, chasten,
chord, constrain, control, cushion, damp, dampen, de-emphasize,
deaden, deafen, decolor, decolorize, dim, diminish, discolor,
downplay, drain, drain of color, dull, ease, etiolate, extenuate,
fade, fluff, fume, gentle, keep within bounds, knead, laxate, lay,
lenify, lessen, lighten, limber, limber up, loosen, mash, massage,
mat, mellow, milden, mitigate, moderate, modulate, mollify, muffle,
mute, obtund, pale, palliate, peroxide, play down, plump, pulp,
put in tune, reduce, reduce the temperature, relax, restrain,
shake up, slacken, slow down, smash, smother, sober, sober down,
soft-pedal, soften, soften up, squash, stifle, stop, string,
subdue, supple, suppress, tame, tarnish, temper, tenderize,
tone up, tune, tune down, tune up, underplay, voice, wash out,
weaken, whiten

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[V] (Darkness): be dim, grow dim, flicker, twinkle, glimmer, lower, fade, pale, dim, obscure, darken, tone down.

[V] (Absence of color): fade, turn pale, pale, deprive of color, decolorize, bleach, tarnish, etiolate, wash out, tone down.

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tone down
v 1: deaden (a sound or noise), especially by wrapping [syn: {muffle},
{mute}, {dull}, {damp}, {dampen}]
2: make less strong or intense; soften; "Tone down that
aggressive letter"; "The author finally tamed some of his
potentially offensive statements" [syn: {moderate}, {tame}]

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Inter: head » en|verb|head=to tone down
  • Inter: idiomati » c To relax; to make quieter or less obtrusive; to make milder.
    1. : Ask them to tone down that orange and pink color scheme a bit.
    2. : I hope theyll tone it down and stop arguing so much.''
    3. To make a television program, piece of writing, etc. less offensive and so more suitable for a family audience.

      Alternative forms

      * tones down

  • toning down
  • toned down

    See also

    * water down

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